Slide Bearings

Managing Movement Successfully

We manufacture slide bearings of optimum compressive strength solving movement problems for customers in construction and offshore industries.

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Slide Bearings: Projects & Experience

Barkston have many years’ experience working in close partnership with customers to successfully manage movement. This has encompassed understanding environmental operating conditions and subsequently solving problems caused by a range of factors including temperature change and differential material thermal expansion, settlement and natural forces encountered by high winds and even seismic activity.

We work with many plastics and manufacture most slide bearings with ideal material PTFE.  We manufacture with a variety of different grades of fillers to ensure slide bearings have optimal impact and wear resistance for their intended purpose as well as reduced friction coefficient with pads and slideways.

We understand it is important that our customers receive their slide bearings in the same condition they leave our factory. Protecting the slide bearings during extended transport worldwide is an essential part of our supply process. We apply the same quality of materials and level of care and control to our packaging and despatch as every other part of our manufacturing process.

What Are Slide Bearings?

Slide bearings are parts which aid quieter, speedy sliding movement and are suited for large loads. They are designed to withstand impact and suppress vibration.

A slide bearing consists of two separate components, an upper and a lower which work by siding against one other.  The upper component is generally larger than the lower component by the amount of the anticipated movement. This ensures that the lower element is subjected to uniform load throughout motion and excludes foreign matter from the sliding interface.

Slide bearings can also be used as guide stops to restrain movement in one or more directions.

Slide bearings may also be known as linear bearings, guide bearings, or linear slide bearings.


Why Choose Barkston

Save Money

Our prices are competitive because we work only with plastic and buy economically.

Improve Quality

We manufacture parts of exceptional quality to BSI standards.


We’ve been manufacturing with plastic for 50 years & have many projects under our belt.


We keep your project on track & prevent on-cost through delays.

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We work in close partnership with many structural steel companies, architects and engineers and find ourselves the technical partners for many of these projects when it comes to talking about slide bearings.